Registration Form for Senior Professional Engineer (SrPE)/ Professional Engineer (PE) /Associate Professional Engineer (APE)/Apprentice Engineer(Ap.E)/Jr Apprentice Engineer (Jr.Ap.E).


  1. Form and the relevant Data Format should be downloaded from the website, the soft copies filled in and then emailed to in MSWord and Excel format respectively only, and a printout of the filled form taken.

  2. The above printout should be sent to the concerned member association of ECI or directly to ECI along with the self-attested copies of the relevant documents.

  3. All the details, as required in the form, are essential and need to be provided, except for points no 3,7, 8 and 9. In these cases, if no details are available, then simply write as Not Applicable/Nil.

  4. Correspondence address implies the location at which you would like to receive your letters/certificate.

  5. At point 5, description of Branch in Engineering implies the Engineering Branch in which you have qualified and would like to register.

  6. At point 6, Field of Specialisation/s implies the fields or the sectors or areas in which you specialise in. A note outlining justification is to be attached.

  7. At point No. 10, It is essential that the two references are reputed engineers and who are known in society. They should be senior to you and you must have worked with them, for some time in the past. They should be willing to vouch for you.

  8. Checklist at the end should also be filled in.

  1. The requirement of CPD is waived off for Sr. PEs. Their registration may be renewed after 5 years after payment of the requisite fee (same as was paid at the time of registration), plus applicable GST today.

  2. For all other categories, in view of difficulty of completing CPD since March 2020 due to Covid, the time for completing the CPD Credit hours is extended by 3 years (from 5 to 8 years) for all PEs/APEs/AppE/JrAppE registered till December 31, 2021. They will, however, be re-registered after completing 5 years on payment of requisite fee, subject to the condition, that they will complete required credit hours within the extended period. If they are unable to do so, their re-registration is liable to be revoked.